West Bay Athletic Middle School League



JVAS: Highlands Christian, Keys, Nueva, Pinewood, Priory, St. Matthew's, The King's Academy, Woodland


Tuesday, March 24
4:00pm Pinewood @ Highlands Christian (San Bruno Rec)

Wednesday, March 25
4:00pm Priory @ Woodland

Wednesday, April 1
4:00pm The King's Academy @ Priory

Tuesday, April 7
4:00pm St. Matthew's @ Pinewood (Fabian Way)

Thursday, April 9
4:45pm Nueva @ Woodland

Wednesday, April 15
4:00pm Pinewood @ Priory
4:00pm Highlands Christian @ Keys

Thursday, April 16
4:00pm Keys @ Pinewood (Fabian Way)

Wednesday, April 22
4:00pm The King's Academy @ Keys

Thursday, April 23
4:00pm Nueva @ Highlands Christian (San Bruno Rec)
4:00pm Priory @ St. Matthew's

Monday, April 27
3:45pm St. Matthew's @ Nueva

Wednesday, April 29
4:30pm The King's Academy @ Nueva

Thursday, April 30
4:00pm Nueva @ Pinewood (Fabian Way)
4:45pm Woodland @ Highlands Christian (San Bruno Rec)
4:45pm The King's Academy @ St. Matthew's

Tuesday, May 5
4:45pm Keys @ St. Matthew's

Wednesday, May 6
4:00pm St. Matthew's @ Woodland
5:45pm Pinewood @ The King's Academy (TKA Main)
5:15pm Keys @ Nueva

Thursday, May 7
4:00pm Nueva @ Priory

Friday, May 8
4:00pm Woodland @ Pinewood (Fabian Way)
5:45pm Highlands Christian @ The King's Academy (TKA Main)

Monday, May 11
4:45pm Priory @ Keys

Wednesday, May 13
4:00pm Highlands Christian @ Priory
4:45pm Keys @ Woodland

Thursday, May 14
4:00pm Highlands Christian @ St. Matthew's
5:00pm Woodland @ The King's Academy (TKA Main)